Artworks and watercolor prints by T.J. Heiser

About T.J.

Growing Up

 Born in the farm country of southeast Ohio, but growing up in the beautiful Gulf-coast regions of Florida, T.J. found herself surrounded by nature at every turn. Her family frequented the river-laden and beach-heavy landscapes, instilling, although subtly, a profound love of the plant and animal life in her midst.

A Trained Professional

 Endeavoring upon a business degree when she came of college age, T.J. soon discovered that, although intrigued by the business world, her love lay not in the cut-throat motives of industry, but rather in the unfolding, organic world of artistry. Her desire to create formed such a strong impetus that she wished to share it with others, and soon found herself studying art education at Kent State University. 

After teaching for a decade-and-a-half, T.J. decided to put the skills she had honed and taught for many years into practice and created The Ship’s Hold. The business allowed her to explore her creative interests while utilizing her business acumen.  

T.J.'s Art


T.J.’s work fills a unique niche in the artistic world; her pieces are often devoid of landscape and surroundings, focusing instead on the exquisite detail of her subject matter. Her watercolor paintings employ multiple layers of vibrant colors, which capture the subject matter’s natural complexity. Negative space enhances this beauty; by presenting the subject on a stark, white background, the subject’s richness is further emphasized.  

When viewing T.J.'s artwork, whether at an art festival, gallery, or on her online store, it is impossible to miss the attention to detail encapsulated in each piece. Every line, every color, every blend and shadow counts, as the subject, and its intrinsic beauty, is what T.J. strives to capture.